About Us

We are DatosDX!

From consultants who drive transformation and change, to support staff who  delight in great customer service, we are here for you.

Who We Are

We are a Team of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts, data professionals, and Learning & Development (L&D) practitioners whose decades of experience range from the foundational to the complex.

Our Mission

At DatosDX, we strive to make digital transformation for Philippine SMEs commercially-inspiring and socially responsible.

What We Do

Our 3E Process



We want to see what you see in the future and so we visualize alongside you and we validate if we are on the same page.



To move the needle, we have to get buy-in from everyone who matters in the initiative.



Only then do we use technology to deliver on the shared vision, to which everyone is bought-in.

Why Choose Us?

Sure, there are a myriad consulting options out there but here are five reasons why you should go with us:

We mean to please and we do so not only with vigor, but with rigor.

We are committed to meeting project goals in a manner that is measurable, verifiable, and lasting.

Our support team prides itself in delighting customers at every turn.

We want you to maximize your investment, whether it’s you’re investing in us or the hardware and software that you’ve already put capital in.

We have a broad spectrum of technical and L&D expertise spanning decades of cumulative experience.

Some Numbers

Here are our stats

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